Benefits Of Traveling With Friends


Benefits Of Traveling With Friends

We have heard people ask this question a lot of times. On one end of the spectrum, some might be so used to traveling alone that they do not see a need to travel in company of other folks while others might be so used to traveling in groups that they cannot even conceive the idea of traveling alone, let alone embark on such a journey. Let us face it, we all have a need to be identified with someone, with something. We all love to associate and though it might be in various degrees and forms, there is an inherent human need for association. Some of the benefits of traveling with friends include:

1. Cost efficient: Yes! You get to share the travel expenses, and might even get discounts on meals, hotels, food, as offered. Instead of paying alone, you end up dividing the cost. Traveling with others is a good money saving venture-and for gaining more! It also increases your spending power, since you can always pool funds and even get discounts since you are buying in numbers!

2. Bar Loneliness: Whether it is the long talks that shorten long distances, or it is the small chit- chats over a meal, there is no boring moment. Traveling with friends can light up the moment anytime and every time. The mix of personalities and people makes it much more fun and helps you relax the more.

3. Strengthening Bonds: as mentioned earlier, humans love to associate and traveling with others can help bonds get tighter and stronger. From the high, crazy, wild moments, to the low, sober, moments we get to understand and appreciate each other better. Traveling and going places with friends creates this new feeing of fondness that is very special. You get to know each other really, really well and share experiences that can help each other.

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”

by Annonymous

4. Photos! Not just selfies, please! Or asking a stranger to always take you. You get to always have someone takes the picture. You get to also be in the picture completely!

5. Safe in Company: You know, according to Liverpool’s anthem, you should never walk alone. When in the company of friends, it is more difficult to get harassed or hassled by strangers. You can always defend yourselves together and there is a very high probability that any attacker would think twice before launching an assault.

6. Better Together: Depending on where you go, you can achieve more together as you combine skills and abilities. Brain power is also increased, especially when you have tasks to fulfill.

7. You Forgot Something? No Problem! This is why we say sharing is caring. No problem, friends would help you, and see you through. You would not have to go looking to buy something new in a strange land!

8. Never-Ending Possibilities: You get to do things you might have never thought of. When you have friends around, thoughts, possibilities that never occurred to you, can open up. You get challenged to do new things. What you thought was impossible might become a reality. The support from just being in a group can help you overcome any fear you might have previously had.

The next time you are traveling, get some friends to go along!


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